Grazie di Esistere

Grazie di Esistere

This little post is a birthday gift from me, on my birthday, to all of you, my family and friends. Lucky girl that I am, I woke up today to another gorgeous day under the Tuscan sun. When he heard my footsteps on the stairs, sweet Alberto put a song on the CD player to greet me. It's a beautiful song of love for another person with the refrain “grazie di esistere” or, thank you for being here, thank you for existing.

What more simple, wonderful statement of appreciation can there be from one person to another? Thank you for existing. No single reason is needed, but all are implied. Thank you for being here. For being a friend, for bringing happiness, for easing the pain when things are not going well. For kicking me in the ass when I need it. For biting your tongue sometimes and not saying the obvious.

My friend Richard was commenting this week on the devastation in Nepal. Homes and monuments lost. Ancient history and modern lives indiscriminately devoured in seconds. A reminder that every second is precious. That not only are we as individuals just a flicker in time, but whole civilizations come and go with relative speed. The same theme emerged as my friend Mari comes to terms with saying goodbye to her dad. Who will tease her when her car is filthy? Who will drink with her and her sisters? What happens when someone so integral to life is suddenly not there, no longer “exists” in the way we too often take for granted?

So today I say to all of you, grazie di esistere. Thank you for touching my life. For inspiring me and making me laugh. For saying the hard things. For keeping in touch over the years and miles. For so many heartfelt birthday wishes. But mostly just for existing. You make the people in your world that much better by just being there. Stop and savor a minute of your own unique existence. Know that you are loved and that you have made a difference. Grazie di esistere!





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